I have retired from programming custom expert advisor projects. If you need a custom expert advisor, please check out my book on expert advisor programming. Thank you for your interest.

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Please read first before submitting your request!  This document contains important customer information. By submitting your request, you agree that you have read, understood and accept these conditions.

Hourly Rate & Deposit

Hourly Programming Rate: $90
Testing & Diangnostic Rate: $60

The Hourly Programming Rate includes time spent directly on coding your project, including the initial beta version, and any additional features not included in the original system spec. The Testing & Diagnostic Rate covers debugging, testing, and fixing trading issues, along with any other time expenditures not listed above.

The minimum project cost and deposit is $50. Most projects will typically require a deposit of $100-200. Deposits must be paid upfront before work can begin. An additional deposit may be required if new features are requested, or if the outstanding project balance exceeds the initial deposit.

Once we have discussed your project requirements, I will invoice you for the deposit, send you a login for the client area, and give an estimated timeframe for delivery of your initial alpha version. For payment, I accept credit cards, bank debit and e-checks via Paypal

Project Estimates

The initial project estimate includes the estimated time to code the initial alpha version of your project, along with a reasonable amount of time included for testing and bug fixes. Please note that depending on the complexity of the EA and the issues encountered, the final cost may be higher than the initial estimate. You can view your current project totals in the client area.

Timeframe for Completion

Upon receipt of your deposit, the initial alpha version of your EA will generally be delivered in 3-5 days, but may take a week or more depending on workload. I will do my best to keep you advised of any delays. The process of testing, debugging and revising your project can take several weeks.

Testing & Revision

A time-limited alpha version of your EA is provided for you to test on a demo account. A live version will be provided upon request, as long as the project is currently paid up. It is highly recommended that you test your EA on a demo account, due to the possibility of trading errors.

You are welcome to test your EA for as long as you feel is necessary. Testing versions have a two-week time limit, but if you need more time to test, contact me and I'll provide an updated version.

Most projects will have at least a few bugs, and unclear system specifications or misunderstandings can result in an EA that doesn't perform as expected. While problems do occur, almost every issue can be fixed with a little work, so patience and communication is key.

While I do perform some testing to make sure the EA is placing trades, it is the responsibility of the customer to thoroughly test the EA and ensure that it is functioning to specification, and to provide information necessary to fixing the problem, including log files and settings.

Once the EA is functioning to your satisfaction, any remaining balance will be collected and the final live version of your EA with source code will be delivered.

Source Code

To speed up the process of coding your EA, order functions and other features are contained in a separate library. The library contains many useful features for error reporting and robustness, at no additional cost.

Upon final payment, you will receive the source code file for your EA. The compiled library file and required include file will be provided to you, but the library source code is proprietary and will not be distributed. This should not affect your ability to edit or recompile your EA.

If it is necessary for you to have the full source code for your EA, we can code your project from "scratch" and place all the code in one file, where it can be easily modified by yourself or another programmer.

Projects coded from scratch do not contain all of the additional functionality of our proprietary library. Only the features you specify will be included in your EA - none of the standard features will be added unless specifically requested. 

Commercial Use

Unless otherwise specified, expert advisors are for personal use only, and may not be resold or publicly redistributed. If you are interested in reselling your EA, or if you require control over copyright, we can code your EA from scratch (see above). Commercial projects are subject to workload and time constraints.

Custom Indicators

You can use custom indicators in your project, but please be aware that some custom indicators may not be appropriate for use in an expert advisor. We can substitute a similar indicator with your approval.

My area of expertise is expert advisors, so I generally don't code indicators, scripts, DLLs, etc. I do not work with decompiled EAs or code written by other programmers.

Terms of Service

Please read our terms of service before ordering for important disclaimers, risks, customer responsibilities and non-disclosure information, as well as detailed payment and deposit policies.

Request Form

Submit your project request below. If I'm interested in your project, I'll contact you within 5 business days to discuss your requirements as well as to offer an estimate. 

Due to workload issues, I may not be able to respond to all project requests. If you have not received a response after one week and are still interested, you can resubmit your project or contact me.

Please provide a clear, detailed description of your trading system. A complete and well-defined system specification will allow us to get started on your project quickly and will reduce the number of problems when coding your expert advisor.

If your trading system is contained in another document (Word, PDF), at least give me a summary in your project request. Messages that don't have a trading system defined will not receive a response!

Include the following when describing your desired EA:

  • All indicators used in your system and their default settings, if any.
  • All opening and closing conditions for buy, sell and pending orders.
  • Default settings for stop loss, take profit, trailing stops and lot size.
  • Any optional features or modifications to standard features.
  • Any other features you'd like to see in your expert advisor.

You should receive a confirmation email once your project has been submitted. If you do not receive this email, check your junk mail box and be sure to route all messages from "easyexpertforex.com" to your inbox.

I will not be accepting new projects until further notice.
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