Expert Advisor Systems

Need some help deciding what kind of expert advisor you want? Most automated trading systems are just variations on a few classic trading ideas. You can take signals on techical indicators, use support and resistance levels, or scalp your way using Martingale and short-term price movements.

All of our expert advisors include features such as money management, fully-adjustable indicator settings, margin call & maximum spread protection, multiple instances and more! All work is done to your specifications to fit your style of trading.

Moving Average Cross

The moving average cross is a classic and simple trading system that is still used by many traders today. Many a fine trading system has at its core a moving average cross. Add your choice of confirming indicators and stop-loss management to create your own MA cross system! A moving average cross-based EA starts at just $50!

Pivot Points & Fibonacci Levels

Calculated on previous price data, these levels are amazingly predictive of future price movement, resistance and support. Many traders are very successful using levels in their strategy. Your pivot point-based EA comes with our very own Super Pivots indicator, which calculates standard, Woodie, Camarilla and Fibonacci pivot points. Specify your own open and close signals. A pivot point EA starts at just $50!

Grid & Martingale-based Systems

Forget indicators. Today's risk-taking Forex trader prefers to scalp their way to profits using a grid-based system with well-defined buy and sell levels, along with Martingale money management to wipe out their losses (and their balances, if they're not careful!). Design your own grid-based scapler system and I'll code it for you! A grid or Martingale-based EA starts at just $75!