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How do you know if your expert advisor is truly profitable? MetaTrader's Strategy Tester doesn't give you the whole picture! Are you trading based on overly optimistic backtests, and disappointed to find that your expert advisor is losing money in live trading? Would you like to know if your expert advisor is profitable, quickly and easily, without losing money?

The Walk Forward Analyzer for MetaTrader

The Walk Forward Analyzer uses MetaTrader's own Strategy Tester to perform a walk forward analysis, using the settings and testing parameters provided by the user. The software is easy to use, and can provide you with a complete walk forward analysis in a fraction of the time it would take for you to do it manually.

A walk forward analysis determines whether an expert advisor is profitable when trading with optimized parameters on out-of-sample data. Any expert advisor can produce an impressive optimization result, but the true test is whether those results will hold up when tested over future data. The Walk Forward Analyzer performs this process many times over months and years of historical data, giving you an accurate picture of the true performance of your expert advisor.

On completion of a walk forward analysis, you'll be presented with a detailed walk forward analysis report, showing the results of the testing and optimization runs, the total testing profit/loss, and the walk forward efficiency ratio, which is a measure of how robust your trading system is.

See a sample walk forward analysis report.

See the Walk Forward Analyzer in Action

If you're unfamiliar with the walk forward analysis procedure, please read What is Walk Forward Analysis? to find out why it is the best method to determine the robustness and potential profitability of your trading system. The video below provides a complete walkthrough and tutorial of the Walk Forward Analyzer for MetaTrader:

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